Saturday, March 31

The light..

This shot is from a nearby hill..

How am I

This flower is called 'pala poovu' in our language. It is alleged to
be attracting to snakes since they like the smell of this flower :)

A Prayer..

Along with friends i went for a trip to near by St.Thomas mount.There i saw this sculpture of jesus. One more point, it looks as if so many crows are there on the tree.But only one crow is there :)

Monday, March 26

Green beauty

The green beauty began dancing when she saw me taking her picture :)

Sunday, March 25


This is again a view of nearby building from my flat :), The suns rays got reflected

Saturday, March 24

Peeping cobra

A cobra just peeped out to check out who is taking his photograph...
I am lucky :)

Black and White

This shot is taken on a tree trunk in my flat apartments...
A try on macro shot..

Friday, March 23

Pen Top

I was writing something in my notebook, suddenly thought of
taking a snap on my pen top placed on my notebook :)

Tuesday, March 20

3 in one again again..

3 in one again, with setting sun;
These 3 towers form a good view from the balcony of my appartments

Friday, March 16

3 in one

Again balcony view of mobile towers
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