Tuesday, April 24

Ray of Beads

I throwed red, green and yellow balls in darkness and took the foto in night mode. Just kidding, I switched off the light in room and only visible light was the indicator of battery charger. In night mode and with a moving camera i got this pic.

Friday, April 20

Peeping Thru Wall

There is a hole in our apartment wall. My camera just peeped thru it and I clicked :)

Wednesday, April 18

Resting droplets - II

I have posted one resting droplet which was on a flower.This is another shot , a macro one.The droplets are resting on the water bottle :)

Saturday, April 14

Clear sky

The sky was very clear. But i found the moon and noticed that the moon's semicircle is just complimentry of the tree arc :)

Friday, April 13

Yellow beauty

One more yellow beauty from the garden.. :)

Thursday, April 12

Resting droplet

A sudden rain - just a casual walk in garden - tried a macro - hence the result:)

Wednesday, April 11

Yellowish green

A bucket of paint spilled over the plant.Joking :)I tried a macro shot on a plant in our courtyard...This is an interesting multi colored plant with now flowers...

Tuesday, April 10

Rings of fire

I put the camera in night mode.Then tried to capture the tree decorated with lights.During capture i moved my camera to get this pic.. :)

Friday, April 6

Sitting alone

This insect was sitting alone on my wal in the room
I donno the name of this guy :)

Wednesday, April 4

Losing green color

This is a macro shot on plantain leaf...:)

Flying high

I just hijacked a plane... :)
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